Global Packaging Trends 2019 - free download

Mintel predicts that modern takes on sustainability, health and wellness, and convenience will reshape the food and drink industry in 2019 and beyond

Virtual connection, engineering innovation, e-commerce and sustainability provide a view of the four trends in global packaging in 2019 covered in this report.


  • Connected packaging: Multiple technologies are enabling brands to connect physical packaging to the virtual world.
  • Closing the loop: Consumers have been recycling some packaging for years. But they are demanding the ability to recycle more and to understand how recycling really works.
  • Reinventing the box: As consumers increasingly embrace online shopping, branded e-commerce packaging and packaging strategies are changing the face of the industry.
  • Plastic-free: With the momentum behind a plastic-free aisle in every supermarket growing, brands need to consider what packaging solution can give them a place on the shelf.

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